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Today, lots of parents are worried about the amount of time that their teens spend on social media.

Four teens sit outside while browsing their phones. This could symbolize a focus on social media that a therapist for teens in Columbus, OH can help address. Search for counseling for teens near me to learn more about counseling for teenagers in columbus, oh.

Perhaps your teen feels like they need to post everything they do on Instagram. Maybe you’re concerned that your teen is frequently wasting time by scrolling on TikTok. No matter which social media platforms your teen uses, it’s normal to want to monitor their social media usage and ensure that they’re not scrolling too often. 


While it’s perfectly fine for your teen to check social media every once in a while, it’s a good idea to set some healthy limits. Here are a few warning signs that your teen might be spending too much time on social media.

How Much Time Does Your Teen Spend On Social Media?

Naturally, if you can tell that your teen is spending hours per day on social media, it’s time to intervene. Even if your teen’s behavior seems normal, and their grades have not suffered, it’s detrimental in the long run for your teen to dedicate hours and hours each day to scrolling on social media. It’s better to take action and set limits now rather than later before your teen’s mental and physical health starts suffering. Overall, your teen could be spending this time on more beneficial pursuits.

Social Media And Relationships

Is your teen struggling to make friends yet spending lots of time online? If your teen has limited social interactions in real life, social media could be part of the problem. They may even try to skip out on family gatherings in favor of being alone simply because they no longer enjoy socializing. They may feel content being alone because using social media feels like a stand-in for friendships. But in the long run, this can seriously hamper their quality of life.

Poor Self-Image

A close up of a teen typing on their phone. Search for counseling for teenagers in Columbus, OH for support in addressing social media addiction. Learn more about the help a therapist for teens in Columbus, OH can offer by searching for teen counseling near me.

Maybe your teen has suddenly been expressing a long list of insecurities that they never had trouble with before. They might be making negative comments about their body, comparing themselves to people who lead extravagant, expensive lives, or even going on crash diets to emulate an idea they’ve seen online. 

Too much exposure to social media can leave teens feeling insecure, even when things are going well for them. Social media can cultivate insecurities that simply didn’t exist before. 

Negative Impact On Academics

Perhaps your teen’s academic performance has been lackluster recently. Their grades might be slipping, even in classes they used to enjoy. Their teacher may have even gotten in touch with you about their phone usage in class. You might have noticed that when your teen gets home, they reach for their phone rather than tackling their homework assignments. If your teen is a junior or a senior in high school, you may worry about how their social media usage might negatively impact their chances of being accepted into college.

Mental Health Concerns

Your teen might seem anxious or depressed lately. You’re not sure about the possible causes. If they’re constantly on their phone, it’s worth considering whether or not the amount of time they spend on social media could be contributing to their mental health troubles. Extensive social media usage can make teens feel like they’re falling behind their peers. These platforms present an unrealistic view of the world. Social media can also keep teens up at night. Your teen might be losing hours of sleep to social media usage, which can exacerbate symptoms of anxiety and depression.

A teen sits curled up facing away from their phone. This could represent taking a break from social media. Learn how counseling for teenagers in Columbus, OH can help address media usage by contacting a therapist in Columbus today.

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