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Depression affects around 40 million US adults every year.

It is estimated that around 10% of American adults suffer from some sort of depressive disorder, whether that is clinical depression, bipolar disorder, or anxiety-related disorders

A man covers his face while sitting on a couch. Learn how depression therapy in Columbus, OH can offer support in overcoming depression symptoms. Search "depression therapist near me" to learn more about Columbus OH counseling today.As it impacts so many of us, it is apparent that depression can affect people differently, and it is a multifaceted illness that may manifest itself in various ways. As such, there are many different levels of depression that you may not know about. 

Many of us feel sad from time to time, and we may even say that we feel ‘depressed’. But, clinical depression is much more than that. 

When you have depression, you may feel unhappy, hopeless, or even have a general distaste for life in general. The things you used to enjoy may feel uninteresting to you, and you may struggle to do day-to-day activities such as getting out of bed or maintaining hygiene. 

What Are the Levels of Depression?

There are many different types of depression. This includes major depressive disorder, where someone has clinical depression or bipolar depression associated with bipolar disorder. Others include perinatal or postpartum depression after having a baby, premenstrual dysphoric disorder which occurs due to the menstrual period, and psychotic depression where someone experiences delusions and hallucinations.

For others, depression could be seasonal affective disorder (SAD), due to changes in weather, or they may go through stages of depression during their lives due to traumatic or stressful life events. 

Depression is not something that happens overnight. For example, the first stage or level of depression is the origin.

This could be the loss of a loved one, family issues, addiction issues, or a traumatic experience. You may be more susceptible to feelings of sadness, fatigue, and hopelessness.

A person walks though a foggy park alone. This could represent the isolation that a depression therapist near me can help you overcome. Learn more about Columbus OH counseling by searching "depression therapy Columbus" today.

The next level of depression is establishment. This is when the depression really starts to settle in and become a normal part of your daily life. At this point, you may begin losing interest in things, and you may feel a dark cloud lingering over your life and lowering your mood consistently. 

The following level takes things a little further, where you feel uncomfortable and daunted by the thought of engaging in activities you once enjoyed, or you avoid seeing friends and family. You may feel anxious about socializing or getting out of your comfort zone.

The next stage is when you begin to actively avoid certain situations, and you may struggle to perform daily tasks such as looking after yourself, your home, or going to work. It can feel like the depression has overwhelmed you at this point. 

Why Therapy is Crucial for Depression

What’s important to keep in mind is that no matter what level of depression you have, or what stage you are in, therapy can help you recover. Depression is treatable, often with medication such as antidepressants or mood stabilizers and therapy. 

Sometimes, depending on the depression you have, medication will do, but for the majority of people, therapy is beneficial. Therapy has been proven to help in both long-term and short-term depression, as it can help recalibrate your mind and change the way you think and feel about yourself.

A close up of a person with a clipboard sitting across from a woman. This symbolizes the support a depression therapist can offer. Learn more about depression therapy in Columbus, OH and other services by searching "counselors for depression near me" today.Some of the most common types of therapy for depression are cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), problem-solving therapy, and psychotherapy. In addition, talk therapy or counseling is also highly effective in helping you deal with issues and recover from depression with coping strategies and the resources to impact your life in a positive manner. 

Depression can negatively impact your life and your mental well-being. It can be incredibly difficult to overcome alone, which is why it is paramount that you speak to a therapist or counselor for treatment and advice in order to recover.

Begin Depression Therapy in Columbus, OH

Finding the right support can take time, but doing so can help you overcome symptoms of depression. Our team would be honored to offer support from our Columbus, OH-based practice and across Ohio. You can start your therapy journey by following these simple steps:

  1. Get in touch with Blue Boat Counseling to set up your first appointment.
  2. Get connected with a depression therapist you can trust.
  3. Start addressing and overcoming your depression symptoms

Other Services Offered with Blue Boat Counseling

Our team understands you may experience more than one mental health concern at a time. This is why we are happy to offer support with a variety of mental health services in addition to depression therapy. Other mental health services offered include anxiety therapy, couples therapy, teen and family therapy, and veteran therapy. We also offer online therapy in addition to in-person services as well. Learn more by visiting our blog today.