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Psychological trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have gained a lot more attention in recent years. Now the word “trauma” is a part of most individual’s everyday language. However, that also means the word gets mismatched with the wrong situations.

A woman covers her face while sitting on a couch with a concerned expression. Learn more about how a trauma therapist in Columbus Ohio can offer support with past pain. Contact a PTSD therapist in Columbus Ohio or search for “columbus oh counseling” to learn more. For example, a teenager just coming out of their math test might explain, “That was so traumatic!” What they are saying, of course, is that the math test was difficult.

However, psychological trauma is much, much different.

Let’s take some time to understand trauma and how it could affect you.

Defining Trauma

Psychological trauma is a mental health condition in which you have experienced a significant loss. Trauma can also stem from an event (or series of events) that was threatening or distressing. You may have directly participated in the event or even witnessed it.

Keep in mind that not everyone who has these experiences of loss or fear will have trauma. However, experiencing such massive distress does make you more susceptible to trauma symptoms—even long after the event.

Mainly because what’s left are troubling thoughts and memories. These tend to be challenging to get rid of or ignore. For many, these memories are debilitating.

Who Experiences Trauma?

The reality is that just about everyone will experience some traumatic event in their lifetime, such as:

  • Having a parent or loved one passes away
  • Experiencing a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, flood, tornado, fire, or earthquake.
  • Facing a life-threatening illness
  • Being in an accident or getting injured
  • Losing your job, either from downsizing, being fired, etc.

A close up of a person in military camo sitting on a couch while talking to someone. This could represent a meeting with a trauma therapist in Columbus Ohio. Learn more about therapy Columbus Ohio and other services by contacting a PTSD therapist in Columbus Ohio today.Typically, most people associate trauma and PTSD with veterans or survivors of natural disasters. However, when you take a step back, it’s surprising to realize that life can expose us all to trauma at some point.

Trauma from Abuse

Another kind of trauma exists, too. It’s as frightening and devastating as what you might face in a natural disaster or car accident. Trauma from abuse, either in childhood or as an adult, can be just as crippling.

Many people, unfortunately, suffer from child abuse and neglect. Their parents or caregivers—instead of being loving and accepting—were physically, sexually, or verbally abusive to them.

Someone might also experience trauma as an adult through unhealthy relationships. They become involved with someone who sexually or financially abuses them. These partners also commit psychological abuse that can crush someone’s self-worth.

Trauma Symptoms

Someone who has experienced trauma can experience several symptoms. The one over-arching sign is persistent, recurring, and unwanted memories of the experience. These memories can cause other symptoms, both physical and emotional, including:

  • Flashbacks of the event
  • Avoiding things, places, or people that might be triggering
  • Nightmares
  • Feeling on edge and defensive
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Can be startled easily
  • Can’t sleep well
  • Inability to remember what happened
  • Panic attacks
  • Emotional detachment
  • No longer interested in things they once enjoyed

As you can see, these symptoms make it very difficult for someone with trauma to live a healthy life. The heartbreaking thing is that often they will blame themselves for their trauma—even though what they experienced was in no way their fault.

How to Resolve Trauma

A person with a clipboard sits across from a person talking to them. This could represent the support a PTSD therapist in Columbus Ohio can offer by searching for a trauma therapist in Columbus Ohio. Search for therapy Columbus Ohio today for more info.Because it can feel so complicated, an excellent way to resolve trauma is by participating in therapy. There are several treatment methods available to address trauma and PTSD.

Above all, though, it’s helpful merely to talk with someone who understands how trauma can affect you. That’s an essential first step toward resolving trauma.

Almost everyone will experience a traumatic event in their lifetime. For some, those experiences can linger, causing an array of complicated and harmful symptoms. Nevertheless, it’s a treatable condition with the right help and support from a therapist.

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