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Couples counseling is a big commitment.

A close up of a couple gesturing while sitting across from an attentive listener. Learn how a therapist in Columbus can support you in person and online by searching “couples therapy near me” today. Couples counseling in Columbus Ohio can offer support for your relationship.Yes, there may be logistical and financial considerations. However, by agreeing to attend couples counseling with your partner, you are sending the message that you want to make the relationship your priority.

You probably have questions about couples counseling, especially if this is your first time in couples therapy. That’s why it’s vital to know what questions to ask before you sit down with your partner for that first session.

Consider some examples.

1. Do We Really Need to Go to Couples Counseling?

This question is most likely the first thought that pops into your mind when considering couples or marriage counseling. There are many reasons why both you and your partner may need to see a couple’s counselor.

For example:

  • There’s an unresolved disagreement between the two of you.
  • Lately, there have been arguments or conflicts that have gotten out of hand.
  • One or both of you holds resentments against the other.
  • You both are struggling with making plans for the future.
  • There has been an act of infidelity.
  • There are money and financial issues.

If you have nodded your head “yes” to any of these reasons, then couples counseling may be something you should consider.

2. What Are Couples Counseling Sessions Like?

Sessions can vary, depending on the specific issues being covered each time.

It could be that one day both you and your partner are guided by the therapist to talk about how things are going currently. In another session, the focus might be to process an argument that occurred, and that needs to be resolved. Or it might be that your therapist guides both of you through a scenario where you practice communication and listening skills.

No matter what the focus is, a session should be supportive and nonjudgmental. Your therapist’s goal is to help both of you be successful in your relationship.

A couples holds hands while sitting across from a person taking notes on a clipboard. This could represent the support a therapist in Columbus can offer for your relationship. Learn more by searching “couples therapy near me” or couples counseling columbus ohio for support today.

3. Do We Have to Talk About Everything?

Think about it this way. If you were servicing your car, would you not tell the mechanic everything about the vehicle that concerns you? Would you not tell them about that strange noise you hear from the brakes or that the steering is off?

The same is true when it comes to working with a marriage therapist. They need to know the whole picture that is your relationship. That includes parts that you may be reluctant to even share with close friends.

Talking about these things might feel embarrassing or awkward. But your therapist is a professional, and they need to know about them. Otherwise, they won’t be able to give you the support both of you need.

4. How Long Will Couples Counseling Take?

This is a classic question to ask! Everyone wants to know how long therapy will take and how they can accomplish what they want in the least amount of time possible.

However, therapy doesn’t work that way. It’s not always a linear process. Instead, the journey can take all kinds of twists and turns. Issues might come up that you never even realized when you started counseling.

Although the journey might be uncertain, you should expect that counseling sessions maximize your time. Although there’s no guarantee that an issue will be resolved at the end of the hour, you shouldn’t feel that your time was wasted. Your therapist will recognize that your time is essential and that you will want to make the most of it.

A woman smiles while resting her head on the leg of her partner as someone writes on a clipboard. This could represent the bonds cultivated by working with a therapist in Columbus. Learn more by searching “couples therapy near me” or couples counseling columbus ohio for support today.

Begin Working With A Couples Therapist in Columbus, OH 

It’s understandable to have questions and concerns when starting couples or marriage counseling. Hopefully, the questions mentioned above will help you start the conversation. If you have more questions, please don’t be afraid to contact us and ask. Our team of caring therapists can help address any concerns you may have and put your mind at ease regarding couples counseling. You can start your counseling journey with Blue Boat Counseling by following these steps:

  1. Contact Blue Boat Counseling
  2. Meet with a caring couples therapist 
  3. Begin supporting the health of your relationship!

Other Services Offered With Blue Boat Counseling

Couples therapy isn’t the only service we offer. The therapy team at Blue Boat Counseling knows that you may be dealing with a variety of mental health concerns. This is why we are happy to offer mental health support in a variety of ways. Other services offered include anxiety therapy, depression therapy, and military veteran therapy. We also offer teen and family therapy and online therapy across the state of Ohio. Feel free to visit our blog to learn more helpful info!