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The last few years have taken a toll on our mental health, sometimes causing catastrophic thinking, overwhelm and stress. If life wasn’t hard enough, all the issues and changes we experienced came at us quickly and had us all feeling the stress of our new normal and the continued adjustments. So it’s understandable that it all would impact our mental health for years to come. You may still be feeling anxious, stressed, exhausted from being “on” all the time for your kids, angry, sad, heartbroken, afraid, depressed and fully overwhelmed. Please know that while we all continue to learn and adjust, the feelings you’re experiencing as a reaction to everything life hands you are completely normal, common and expected.

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Blue Boat Counseling provides online therapy in Columbus, Ohio 

One silver lining in all of the chaos that was the COVID-19 pandemic is that mental health care, at a time when it was and still is so desperately needed, was able to continue. Dealing with this situation in the 21st century allowed us to have technology on our side, and online therapy – sometimes called online counseling, telehealth, telemental health or distance counseling – is an effective option with several benefits that allowed Blue Boat Counseling to remain open and continue to be here for our clients. And, as a result, it’s an even more widely accepted way to deliver therapy than ever.


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Blue Boat Counseling has mental health therapists licensed in the state of Ohio; therefore, we can only see clients who live in the state of Ohio. But you do not have to live in the Columbus, Ohio area (where our office is located) to receive online treatment from us.

We consider online therapy to be video sessions and, in some cases where video isn’t an option, sessions by phone. Online therapy services are offered by computer – laptop or desktop – with camera capabilities or an app on your phone or tablet, and your counselor will walk you through the steps to get started.

We ask that you try to approach online counseling as if you were going to see your therapist in the office. Make sure you have a private space – keep kids and pets safe in another room. Turn off distractions, like music, TV and notifications on your phone. Use headphones if you have them, and a white noise machine or app can also help to put just outside your door for an extra layer of privacy.

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Does online counseling work?


Yes! Many studies have been conducted to test the effectiveness of online therapy, including direct comparisons of telemental health care to conventional mental health care and testing how well Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be delivered via online methods. These studies conclude that, while online counseling may not be appropriate for everyone (like those with severe forms of mental illness), it is a highly effective option that gives therapists more tools in their toolbox for delivering the best mental health care possible. And the counselors at Blue Boat Counseling have training in telemental health and introducing it to clients.


I’m still concerned about my privacy.


We know privacy is a real concern with online therapy. As mentioned above, there are several measures you can take to ensure you’re in a private environment, and we can assure you our online therapists are taking the same precautions to treat your session as much like an in-office visit as possible. And in many cases, your counselor is in their office setting seeing you in your virtual one.

We also understand there can be concern about online platforms. Online therapy is typically only delivered through platforms designed for this purpose. And at Blue Boat Counseling, we use a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform through our communication system, so you can be sure your therapy sessions are private. Your counselor will provide information and the easy steps to get started.


I’m worried it’s just not the same as in-person therapy.


Your concern is valid because online therapy is not exactly the same as in-person counseling. There may be a technology hiccup or family noise throughout your house. But there are also many benefits to online therapy, like getting a break that you really need right now to talk through your cabin fever or on a deeper level, getting treatment for anxiety or depression symptoms. It’s also convenient, and unlike many things right now, the fact that you can still “go” during these stressful and uncertain times is a huge benefit. And if you’re looking for help for your teenager, most teens actually thrive with online therapy.

We know you’re overwhelmed and trying to keep it together for your family. Online therapy offers you a release in the middle of the chaos. Blue Boat Counseling’s online therapists provide a safe outlet during this stressful time. You can fall apart with us. You’re not alone. We’re here to support you.

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At Blue Boat Counseling you’ll get the same real, empathetic treatment in a virtual format that you would if you visited our office in-person. Your Blue Boat therapist will work on a treatment plan with you that fits your specific needs, so you can start to feel better, get your life back, and be you.


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Get started with ONLINE Therapy in Columbus, Ohio in 3 easy steps:


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After the form, you’ll book a call with our Client Care Coordinator who will call you at the scheduled time to answer questions and find the best therapist for you.

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