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Leah Boring, LPCC-S – Therapist Columbus Ohio

Therapy for trauma, PTSD, families, teens, couples and more in Columbus, Ohio.

About Me

I know you’ve been thinking about coming to therapy for a while, or maybe you’ve tried something else but just weren’t feeling it. It took a lot for you to get to this point, and you did it. You’re here. You feel hopeful, and maybe a little (or a lot) anxious about it.

I don’t know quite what it is that brought you here, but I do know pain and struggle, and I’ve helped numerous clients and families over my time as a clinician to overcome their challenges, find meaning in them, and grow throughout the process.

Here’s what you might want to know about me. I became a therapist because I believe I’m a born helper. I think I’m the perfect blend of my engineer dad’s problem-solving brain and my healthcare worker mom’s nurturing and caring heart. I’m a thinker and enjoy the puzzle of helping clients navigate through difficulties, and I care about people and love seeing them grow and learn. 

Some may call me an old soul— I had to “grow up” from a young age and deal with some things that many people may never deal with at all, or deal with much later in their lives than I did. This has always helped me to connect with people and truly empathize with their experiences. 

I can also relate to balancing career and parenthood as I’m married with a young child. And I became a parent at the height of the pandemic, balancing the social isolation and anxiety of protecting my precious baby during a very uncertain time. 

My Experience


I have provided therapy to people of all ages— children, teens, and adults— from diverse backgrounds, through individual, parent, and family counseling approaches. I love the variety of working with people across the lifespan. Before joining the team at Blue Boat, I worked for several years as a community-based family therapist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve sat with people through their darkest and most challenging times and helped them navigate uncertain, unthinkable circumstances to come out the other side, stronger and full of hope for their future. I feel honored and humbled to be trusted in my clients’ most vulnerable moments.

My Approach to Therapy

A counseling relationship is a real relationship between me and my client. My goal is to create a safe space where you can be unapologetically and wholeheartedly yourself. You can share and learn without fear of judgement. You’re not told what you want to hear, but rather what you need to hear. You are not just listened to, but genuinely heard.

I believe growth is a collaborative process where people build from their existing strengths along with support, validation and practical tools to achieve their goals. I am ready to collaboratively explore your needs and think outside the box to creatively overcome barriers or obstacles that may have previously kept you feeling stuck or lost. 

When you’re in my office, there is nothing more important to me than you— making sure your needs are met, emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually. Previous clients share that sitting with me brings them a sense of calm and true connection, knowing that I really do genuinely care, and care deeply. 

Maybe you are someone who has had a negative experience in therapy or someone who has been in therapy before and nothing really “clicked.” I love the opportunity to be creative in helping my clients figure out how the things we talk about in therapy will actually fit into their lives and work for them. I’m up for the challenge. As my client, you can expect to leave the session feeling heard and understood, and to have new ideas and skills for tackling some of your greatest stressors. 


  • I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Ohio University and a Masters of Education in Clinical Mental Health and Rehabilitation Counseling from Ohio University.
  • I’m an LPCC-S (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with Supervisory designation) in the state of Ohio (E.1901426-SUPV). 

Additional Training

  • TF-CBT (Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) certified
  • CAMS (Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality)
  • Gottman Institute couples trained therapist
  • Family therapy





“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou