Laura Walsh


About Me

I know firsthand the impact a therapist can have when you are going through a difficult situation, and I want to help you work your way out. Here are some things you might want to know about me as a therapist: 

I’ve always been drawn to caring for people. From a young age, my parents instilled in me the value of community care, and I spent a lot of my childhood and young adult life working with folks who have fallen on hard times, from refugees to people struggling with addiction to families experiencing homelessness. This value of taking care of each other has guided my career choice. 

I believe that relationships are the foundation of our lives. Whether I’m working with you as a couple, a family, or individually, I’ll challenge you to think about the relational dynamics in your life and the roles you play. 

I genuinely care about you and want to help you grow. I will not judge you, full stop, even if you say something wild or something you’ve never told anyone before. I know what an honor it is to be able to walk alongside you on your journey, and it’s important to me that you feel heard and understood. 

I show up and work hard for my clients, and I expect you to do the same. Most of the growth that happens from therapy happens while you’re living your real life. I’m here to give you the tools and strategies you need to meet your goals. 

I’m quick-witted and absolutely use humor as a therapeutic tool (but don’t worry, I can read a room and don’t joke around when you’re being vulnerable!).

I’m a military spouse and I know the impact unpredictable events can have on a relationship and have learned to roll with the punches. 

My Experience


  • I have a Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Science from The Ohio State University, with specializations in Couple and Family Therapy as well as Sexuality Studies 
  • I’m an MFT, Marriage and Family Therapist (M.2000129), in the state of Ohio 
  • I have 5 years of clinical experience and have worked with individuals, couples, and families in a variety of settings including in-home therapy, integrated care settings, and group private practice 
  • I have completed Level 2 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy and use this method in my work





I work from an experiential lens and strive to give you an emotional experience in the therapy room that you may not have outside of it. That might mean sitting in an uncomfortable feeling for longer that you typically would, but we will be in it together. 

My clinical specialties include: