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You’ve noticed there’s something “off” about your partner or someone you love lately, but you can’t put your finger on it. They seem withdrawn and more reserved than normal.

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Like when it’s time to get up in the morning, they stay in bed much later than usual. Or at dinner they don’t really eat and instead just push the food around on their plate.

You know your partner is struggling with something, but have you ever considered it may be depression?

Here are 5 symptoms of depression you shouldn’t ignore as it could be time for your partner to seek depression treatment.

1. Mood Changes

One of the most common depression symptoms is changes in mood.

This is most noticeable if you know your partner is typically a relaxed, easygoing, or outgoing person. Then they suddenly seem much quieter and reserved.

In fact, they may not even want to socialize with anybody, even people they know and care about. This is likely because it’s just too hard for them to expend the mental energy to be present for those social interactions. Instead, depression consumes much of that energy. 

Another even less noticeable change could be acting happier than usual. This may seem counterintuitive when considered with depression, but sometimes people hide their true emotions and overcompensate with a facade of happiness. So the bottom line here is to take note of any really noticeable mood shifts in combination with other symptoms your partner may be experiencing.

2. Loss of Interest

Another symptom of depression is a loss of interest in things they once enjoyed.

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Consider the activities your partner loves doing. This could include their job – especially if they’re particularly passionate about what they do – or other areas of interest like hobbies and recreational activities.

Let’s say your partner loves to go hiking. But when you suggest repeatedly to explore a new trail, they just say “No thanks,” or, “I’m not interested,” staying glued to the couch.

Loss of interest is a huge red flag that shouldn’t be ignored and may be a sign your partner needs depression counseling.

3. Lack of Passion

Along with experiencing loss of interest in pleasurable activities, someone suffering from depression may demonstrate a lack of passion.

Where your partner was once affectionate, caring, and passionate has been replaced with a feeling of dullness. It may even seem like their feelings have been eliminated altogether.

This can be very confusing as it often seems like there’s something wrong with the relationship, but the real issue is the depression that has taken hold of your partner.

4. Changes in Eating Habits

Depression can also cause someone to drastically change their eating habits. This could swing in either direction – eating too much or too little.

On one hand, food (especially junk food) can be a coping mechanism for troubling feelings and emotions. It’s important to understand that when they eat food, their pleasure sensors go off, so for a moment, they’re distracted from the depression.

Or, on the other hand, the thought of eating food is just too much, and maybe they’re even repulsed by eating. So they eat too little and begin to drastically lose weight.

Noticing big changes in your partner’s eating habits is yet another sign they could benefit from depression treatment.

5. Depression and Physical Pain

One sign of depression that often gets missed is experiencing physical pain.

This is especially true if there appears to be no obvious reason why your partner is in pain.

For example, if they were in an accident, it would make sense for them to be having pain. But in this case, there’s no obvious sign of injury or reason you know of to explain their pain. Yet they’re still experiencing issues like headaches or back pain.

This unexplained pain could be another symptom of depression.

Is Depression Treatment the Next Step?

If you’re concerned that your partner or someone you love is struggling with depression, encourage them to get help. Try to do this in a supportive and loving way.

It’s important for them to know you’re not trying to make them feel worse. But rather you’re trying to be supportive and ensure they get the help they need to overcome depression and get back to being themselves. There is light at this end of this tunnel.

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The signs of depression can vary greatly and they’re not always obvious to casual observers. However, you know your loved one better than anyone. So if you suspect your partner is depressed, encourage them to talk to a therapist and get help.

If they decide they’re in need of a high quality counseling practice in the Columbus, OH area, please reach out and contact Blue Boat Counseling today.  Our skilled mental health therapists are trained to provide depression treatment and can help your partner get back to living their best life.