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When you’re in a therapist’s office, it’s more natural to consider anxiety treatment in everyday life.

Usually, it’s a relaxing or at least neutral space where you and the therapist can focus on specific topics related to anxiety.

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In real life, however, it’s not the same setup, especially in your home.

At home, you have all kinds of demands battling for your attention: kids, tasks, partner, media, work, etc.

So how can anxiety treatment empower you to manage your anxiety at home when the two seem so different?

Understanding Your History with Anxiety

In anxiety counseling, your therapist will get a better idea of your history with anxiety. Sharing these moments from your life might be hard, but it serves a purpose.

They help paint a picture for your counselor that lends them a view into your relationship with anxiety and helps to understand all of your mental and physical symptoms. With this knowledge, you can both begin the process of anxiety treatment.

Consider a coach or personal trainer working with an athlete by having them complete specific drills to understand their capabilities. They’ll also want to know what the athlete’s background is and their performance goals. This analogy works when thinking about your anxiety treatment – understanding your history can lead you and your anxiety counselor down a path to the ideal treatment goals for your situation.

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Studying Your Weaknesses and Strengths

With anxiety treatment you have the opportunity to examine your vulnerabilities when it comes to the anxiety battle. For some, analyzing specific weaknesses can undoubtedly create more anxiety!

However, your anxiety counselor will be skilled at discussing these topics in a way that’s supportive and empowering. The idea is not to “break you down only to build you back up.”

For instance, you might discuss how you dealt with a situation that caused you anxiety and examine the results of the case or how to handle anxiety-provoking situations. You’ll also be able to celebrate your strengths and accomplishments, too!

Training in Specific Skills to treat anxiety

Athletes, when they’re at practice, will focus their attention on improving certain skill areas. This approach helps them to be a better athlete in the long run. The same is true for anxiety treatment.

When you go to a session, your therapist might focus your attention on a particular aspect of your anxiety. For several weeks that could be learning stress management tools. Or better understanding your inner self-critic and how to silence that inner voice.

Listening to Your Doubts and Fears about anxiety

An advantage of anxiety treatment is that you can talk about your doubts and fears in an emotionally safe place. Of course, your anxiety is going to trigger these feelings for you.

What’s important is that you share and get them out in the open. Otherwise, they can build up to critical levels at home. Or, you might try an unhealthy way of coping with those feelings that isn’t productive. For example, indulging in a glass of wine to unwind may be your go-to coping strategy.

Instead of depending on a potentially harmful habit, your therapist will listen and support you. Take advantage of that captive audience!

Developing a Program That Works for your anxiety symptoms

Ultimately, you want an anxiety treatment program that will work for you in real life. When you’re at home, you want to feel empowered. You want to be confident you have the coping skills and capabilities to face your anxiety when it arises.

No one wants anxiety dominating their life. Instead, you want to be the one to keep your anxiety and worry under control! And for many reasons, too. When your anxiety surfaced at home in the past, it was disruptive for both you and your family. Those days can be over!

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It may take some trial and error, but with the support of your anxiety therapist, you can develop a treatment program that works for you.

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It can seem challenging to face and overcome anxiety on your own. You need someone in your corner who can coach you through the tangled maze that is your anxiety.

With support from an understanding and professional therapist, you can build the confidence and skills needed to cope successfully with anxiety – while in the therapist’s office and also at home. 

If you aren’t currently receiving anxiety treatment but think it’s time and find you’re in need of anxiety counseling from a high quality Columbus OH counseling practiceplease reach out and contact Blue Boat Counseling today.  Our skilled anxiety counselors can help when you’re ready to start overcoming the anxiety in your life.