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Feeling disconnected in 2022 can sometimes seem like the new normal. Political divisions, civil unrest, and all the fallout from pandemic lockdowns are enough to divide any group of people. These factors can even play a role in family disconnection, although personal factors can contribute to that too.

Either way, when your family feels disconnected, it’s a time for action. Let’s face it, emotional problems usually don’t fix themselves. Divisions left unaddressed can deepen, but where do you turn in this time of crisis? Family counseling is a short-term approach with a long and successful history.

Why Does Your Family Feel Disconnected?

There are too many potential reasons to list, but here are a few common reasons behind disconnects within your family.

Left to Your Own Devices

The paradox of the tech revolution is tough to navigate. We can become connected with humans all across the globe, yet we are less present with those sitting right next to us. For families, this is a slow-cooking recipe for disaster. To make matters worse, parents can sometimes be more tech-addicted than their kids. Left unchecked, this lack of engagement can exacerbate any existing feelings of disconnection.

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A Tale of Two Minds

A young person’s mind is usually far more focused on the present moment. One might say that kids and teens are more mindful but what matters here is the disconnect. However, by adulthood, we have brain development and experiences that cause us to contemplate the past, present, and future at once.

Unfortunately, this can lead to parents forcing their children to move, think, and act like adults. This just creates misunderstanding, and when conflict exists, disconnection is inevitable.

Familiarity Breeds…

The stakes can feel higher among family members. There’s a lot of history here and even the most subtle eye roll can speak volumes. As a result, it can often feel logical to create distance to avoid negative interactions.

The three trends discussed above — combined with countless other factors — can make it very challenging for any family to stay connected. Can family counseling help?

How Family Counseling Can Help When You’re Family Feels Disconnected

1. Creating Space

First and foremost, family therapy provides a safe space for your family members to go for validation and to be heard. Everyone will have someone to talk with who’s not biased or judgmental.

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2. Improved Communication

This is the foundation to being connected. Your counselor understands that communication is a common issue among families, and will help foster healthier ways for your family to talk. Think of each therapy session as a workshop for each family member to practice and hone their skills.

3. Conflict Resolution

Conflict is inevitable and normal in families, and in ideal situations, it can be a valuable learning experience. The ideal situation, however, does not always describe what’s happening. In a family counseling setting, family members can acquire the skills they need to keep conflicts from causing disconnection.

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Family Therapist Columbus Ohio

All of the above can move your family toward one goal: building stronger relationships. This is much more attainable with the help of an experienced family therapist, but remember that family connections are not a fixed goal. Consider it as more of an ongoing process. With the skills and tools you gain from therapy, you’ll all be better equipped to handle the ups and downs of family life.

If you have questions about this process or decide you’d like to connect with a family therapist Columbus Ohio, please contact Blue Boat Counseling today about family therapy and how it can reconnect your family!