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This winter, we’ve been discussing a series on seasonal affective disorder (SAD), where we talked about great ways to get out locally and get moving, as well as volunteering around Columbus. In this entry, we’re discussing fostering meaningful connections right here in the Columbus area. There’s no need to swipe left or right; we’re talking about getting out there and making real, live human connections. It’s like networking, only with fewer business cards and more genuine awkward conversations. 

Knowing there are fewer opportunities for outdoor events during winter, it’s essential and scientifically proven that it’s vital to our health to have or establish a solid social support system in order to combat feelings of isolation. So, let’s dive into how embracing indoor activities and participating in social events within the Columbus community can serve as a powerful antidote against SAD.

Diverse Group of Guys and Girls Playing in a Strategic, Uniquely Designed Board Game with Cards and Dice. Friends Having Fun Reading Cards, Joking, Making Moves, and Laughing in a Cozy Living Room. New friendships and connections can help those with depression symptoms or experiencing seasonal affective disorder (SAD). If you need more help with your symptoms, learn more by searching “depression therapist columbus ohio” today.


Finding other like-minded people to share our hobbies and interests with is a fantastic way to beat seasonal affective disorder. Community centers, Columbus local libraries, and hobbyist groups often organize meetups and events for enthusiasts to gather and engage in their favorite pastimes. Engaging in hobbies with others provides an avenue for building continuing friendships, as shared experiences bring people closer together. Participating in group activities related to one’s hobby can lead to deep connections that extend beyond the scope of the original interest while helping against SAD. 

An engaging hobby that encourages social interaction is board gaming. Game nights at local cafes like Columbus’ The Forge Tavern or hobby shops such as The Guard Tower offer a chance for gamers to connect with others who have a shared love for strategy games, role-playing adventures, or classic board games. These environments foster camaraderie as players strategize together, laugh at fun moments, and build strong connections through cooperative or friendly competitive play.

Parks like Highbanks Metro Park will take you on journies, leading you to unique destinations like overlooks atop the park’s renowned bluffs as it provides the ideal setting for nature lovers to come together and explore its extensive trail system. Additionally, parks like Blacklick Woods host regular birding meetups where enthusiasts can observe and learn about local avian species. If you are passionate about nature and want to connect with like-minded individuals, click this Columbus & Franklin County Metro Parks link, which provides a convenient search feature. Simply input your preferred park and area of interest, and it will display all the upcoming events for you to explore.

Participating in creative groups, like photography, can provide an opportunity for collaborative learning and skill sharing. By engaging with others who have different backgrounds and expertise, you can gain valuable insights into various aspects of photography that might have been outside your current knowledge base. Groups like’s Columbus Creative Photography Group may expose you to new techniques and creative ideas you wouldn’t have encountered alone. If photography isn’t your thing, there’s more than likely something on or a Facebook group that allows you to Be You while finding others to be you with.


Local Columbus, Ohio workshops and classes offer a unique opportunity for community members to come together, learn new crafts, and combat seasonal affective disorder. Whether knitting a cozy scarf at Inspiring U, mastering the art of cooking cozy dishes with The Seasoned Farmhouse, or expressing oneself through vibrant brushstrokes on canvas at Priscilla R. Tyson Cultural Arts Center, these classes provide an avenue for personal growth and social interaction. The prospect of delving into a new skill not only presents an opportunity for self-expression but also serves as a springboard for developing genuine relationships with like-minded locals.

Hosting a skill-sharing workshop is the way to lift your spirits and connect with others in your community. Imagine spending an afternoon imparting sewing secrets, unraveling the intricacies of Photoshop magic, or unleashing musical creativity in Garage Band. Not only will you be spreading joy and knowledge, but you’ll also be forming meaningful connections that go beyond the surface level. By creating an open environment for sharing our passions and expertise, we can uplift each other and combat seasonal affective disorder with creativity and collaboration, turning these dreary winter days into opportunities for growth, connection, and collective empowerment!

Group Of Mature Adults Attending Art Class In Community Centre. Art and making new friends in Columbus, Ohio, can reduce symptoms of depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). To find out more about how therapy can help your symptoms, search “therapy columbus ohio” today.


In Columbus, the winter months can bring a sense of isolation and melancholy as the days grow shorter and the weather turns chilly. But fear not! Community events are here to save the day – and your mood. Netflix movie or series nights, trivia gatherings, or potluck dinners are great for gathering with friends and neighbors in comfy indoor spaces. These events foster a sense of togetherness while keeping seasonal affective disorder at bay.

But why stop there? Embrace the wintry outdoors with bonfire gatherings, sledding adventures, or ice skating outings that will make you forget all about those winter blues. You’ll laugh and bond with others as you build snowmen or engage in friendly sledding competitions. These outdoor activities help combat seasonal affective disorder and create unforgettable memories that will keep you warm long after winter has passed. So why hibernate when you can celebrate? Get out there and make the most of winter with your local community!


Another way to foster social connections in winter is by leveraging technology for virtual meetups and social groups. Platforms like Zoom or social media can facilitate online book clubs, language exchange sessions, or even fitness challenges that allow people to connect without needing physical proximity. By embracing digital tools, individuals can remain socially active and engaged with their local community despite the challenges of winter weather. Mixing traditional in-person gatherings with virtual opportunities provides diverse options for fostering meaningful social connections during the winter season.

Online Internet Video Call Conference. Book Reading Club. Making new friends in Columbus, Ohio, can help ease symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). If friendships and new connections aren’t enough and you’re looking for a therapist, search “therapist columbus ohio” today.


Engaging in activities and events within the community provides opportunities to connect with others, creating a sense of belonging and support crucial for mental well-being. Whether it’s joining local clubs, learning new talents, or simply attending neighborhood gatherings, these interactions can significantly reduce feelings of loneliness and enhance overall emotional resilience.

So next time you’re feeling a bit blah or just craving some human connection, remember that building meaningful connections right here in Columbus can do wonders for kicking loneliness and SAD to the icy curb. Plus, who knows? You might just find your new best friend on that local hiking trail or at that impromptu gaming session downtown.


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