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Hopelessness, sadness, emptiness are all words frequently associated with depression. When you struggle with depression, it only makes sense that you want to know whether or not it can get better.

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Even if you’ve been depressed for years, and are “used to” feeling this way, you know life can be different. Believe it or not, you deserve to have things changed in your life.

That said, the short answer to whether or not depression can get better is a resounding YES!

However, it helps to understand depression, why you have it, dispel the myths, and know what you can do to get better. Here’s how to make sense of depression.

Understanding How Depression Works

Depression is complex with many possible causes, but simply put, it typically forms from either a biological reason or a life experience. Either can trigger depression.

Perhaps you can identify other members of your immediate or extended family who have had depression. Or maybe you had a challenging life experience that made you more susceptible to depression.

Either way, neither cause is really in your control. You can’t stop life from happening, even when bad things occur. And you can’t rewire your family genes either. But understanding how depression works can help make sense of it and how it affects you.

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How Depression Affects You

Everyone who has depression symptoms has unique experiences and a particular set of circumstances. However, there are still some generalizations to consider when you’re trying to make sense of depression, such as:

  • hopelessness, thinking your life circumstances will never change
  • lack of energy and motivation
  • a feeling you can’t shake or “get over”
  • the impact your depression symptoms have your relationships with other people
  • the challenge you feel to find success and achieve your goals

Perhaps the best way to describe depression is that it’s a constant weight. It’s a burden you feel obligated to carry, and yet, you don’t have to. A primary reason why you think this way is you have developed this obligation yourself. That means you also have the power to change things for the better.

How It Can Get Better

Please feel encouraged knowing depression can get better. Even when it doesn’t seem like it, many things are in your control to help you recover, including:

  • finding a confidante to talk to about how you’re feeling
  • channeling your feelings into activities, such as journaling or creating art
  • connecting with other people who are positive and have a healthy outlook on life
  • treating yourself kindly, especially when you feel very self-critical
  • avoiding drugs, alcohol, or other substances to cope with depression
  • when you’re stuck in the negative, trying to think about something positive
  • inviting a friend over to cook a meal together
  • getting outside any way you can

Depression doesn’t suddenly disappear, especially without conscious effort and work. But, things CAN get better by making small, incremental steps towards positive change.

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You might not notice the impact at first. But over time and with consistency, you’ll discover the clouds of depression start to dissipate.

Getting Professional Help for Depression

Professional help and depression treatment through talk therapy can also be a part of your overall strategy against depression. Meeting with a mental health therapist will help you voice your thoughts, including the ones that reinforce your depression.

It’s helpful to be with someone who won’t judge you but instead understands that depression isn’t your fault or some character flaw. A depression therapist can also remind you when you’re down that depression symptoms can get better with consistent treatment.

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Life with depression can get better. Understanding how the condition works takes some of the mystery and uncertainty out of it. Also, making healthy and sustainable steps is another way to feel better. 

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Finally, be open to getting professional help from an experienced depression therapist.

If you aren’t currently receiving depression treatment but think it’s time and find you’re in need of depression counseling from a high quality Columbus OH counseling practiceplease reach out and contact Blue Boat Counseling today.  Our skilled depression counselors can help when you’re ready to start your depression recovery. We’re here to help.