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AJ Johnson, LISW is standing in front of a reclaimed wood wall wearing a blue floral shirt with a maroon jacket | AJ is a therapist at Blue Boat Counseling in Columbus, Ohio.



AJ Johnson, LISW – Therapist Columbus Ohio

Therapy for LGBTQIA+, teens, trauma, anxiety, depression & more in Columbus, Ohio.

About Me

I believe that therapy is a team effort coming from both the therapist and the client. I believe that clients are the expert on themselves, and I honor that they know their own experience the best. I also believe it is an honor to be invited into clients’ lives through therapy to work through and discuss some incredibly important and often weighty topics. Therapy can be an environment where coping ahead, problem solving, learning about coping skills, processing, reflecting, processing relationships and trauma work can happen. My goal is to create an environment that can fit the needs of the client.

I provide an eclectic approach to therapy using multiple modalities and ranging in types of structure depending on client needs. I strive for a culturally humble approach knowing that I may always have some growing edges. I take an anti-oppression lens, and I have worked with the LGBTQIA+ population for the last four years in both community mental health and private practice settings. My scope of practice has included work with a wide range of clientele over the years ranging in ages from 13 and up. I began my work in this field working in Partial Hospitalization programs and Intensive Outpatient programs (intensive group therapy) for teens and adults. My experience over the last four years has been working in outpatient level of care, and I have training in Cognitive Processing Therapy, Dialectical behavioral therapy skills, acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, solution focused therapy, and trauma informed care.

I am a person of trans experience, my pronouns are they/them/theirs or he/him/his. I walk in with my own hats and skills each time I engage with a client. I am very proud of my work serving the LGBTQIA+ community so far and feel that care provided by LGBTQIA+ clinicians for LGBTQIA+ people is an asset. I strive to be client-centered and encourage feedback from clients. I grew up in a military family and watched PTSD take people firsthand and know change can be hard, and we often have to adjust and find new ways to communicate or set boundaries, do self-care and self-work. My goal is to assist in figuring out what the self-care and the work are and how to apply them. My experiences working in domestic violence, HIV+, LGBTQIA+, adults and teens as a therapist has taught me that every client has individual, specific needs that the therapist must adjust to and work with. 

My Experience