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Long strolls through snowy parks, walking hand-in-hand, may be out of the question in Columbus whenever Punxsutawney Phil declares an early spring. However, plenty of ways exist to plan a memorable Valentine’s Day that doesn’t involve frostbite or hypothermia. And although Valentine’s Day in Columbus can be super exciting for some, it can be challenging for many, regardless of relationship status. It may seem like the perfect opportunity for those in a relationship to express love and affection, yet it can be daunting if you aren’t speaking each other’s language. For those who have lost a loved one or are struggling with feelings of loneliness or heartbreak, this holiday can be challenging. Therefore, we wanted to share some ideas to assist in navigating this Valentine’s Day.


Guy and Girl Communication With Love. Happy Young Arabic Man Talking With Woman Via Tin Phone Connected By Drawn Red Heart, Sending Romantic Message Posing Over Yellow Studio Background, Panorama. Love languages and connections can help those who need couples counseling. If you need more help with your relationship or symptoms, learn more by searching “couples counseling therapist columbus ohio” today.


Knowing your and your partner’s love languages can be incredibly beneficial in a relationship. The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, Ph.D., can allow for a deeper understanding of each other’s emotional needs, leading to more effective communication and connection. By knowing how your partner expresses and receives love, you can tailor your actions to meet their needs better, producing a stronger bond between you.

For those who speak the language of gifts, there are plenty of boutique shops and local retailers on the Short North to find that perfect present. If acts of service is their thing, why not surprise your partner with breakfast in bed from one of Fox in the Snow’s locations around Columbus? For words of affirmation enthusiasts or quality time devotees, a stroll through Franklin Park Conservatory‘s beautiful indoor gardens can provide the perfect setting for heartfelt declarations or that much-needed quality time. As for physical touch aficionados, perhaps a personal massage from you is what they need to feel connected.

However, overly fixating on love languages can lead to an expectation of specific behaviors from your partner, potentially causing disappointment if they don’t naturally express love in that way. It’s important to remember that people are complex and may not fit neatly into one love language category. Keeping an open mind and being flexible in communicating love can help prevent limitations in expressing affection within the relationship.

Understanding loving communication certainly has its advantages, but it’s essential to use this knowledge as a tool for enhancing communication rather than placing undue pressure on each other to conform strictly to these categories. Flexibility and genuine empathy toward each other’s emotional needs are key to successfully applying the concept of love languages within a relationship.


Valentine’s Day is often associated with romantic love, but it can also be a powerful time for healing from the pain of losing someone dear. Instead of feeling haunted by memories and grief, use this day to celebrate the love and joy that person brought into your life. You can honor their memory by indulging in activities or rituals that bring you comfort, whether visiting their favorite spot or simply lighting a candle.

Navigating heartache from loss is a painful journey, but Valentine’s Day offers an opportunity to focus on self-compassion and healing. Rather than being consumed by sadness, consider channeling your emotions into acts of kindness towards others or yourself. By acknowledging the depth of your feelings and allowing them space to breathe, you’re taking meaningful steps toward finding peace within the pain. Remember, healing is not about erasing memories but embracing them with love and gratitude.

Finding positive outlets for your emotions can help. This can look like mindfulness meditation at Radiant Yoga + Wellness in Worthington, creating a scrapbook or memory box, journaling your feelings, finding ways to honor your loved one’s memory by participating in ways that bring comfort and connection, and/or reaching out to others grieving and sharing stories and memories that can offer a sense of connection and support. Just remember, every individual’s journey is unique and deserving of compassion.

Single, divorced, or widowed woman alone missing a partner while swinging on the beach at sunset at Buckeye Lake. This represents experiencing loss without a plan on Valentine’s Day in Columbus, Ohio, which can lead individuals to symptoms of depression. Learn more about therapy in Columbus, Ohio, by searching “therapy columbus ohio” today.


Rather than focusing on what you may feel is lacking this Valentine’s Day, shift your perspective to the positives of being single. It’s an opportunity to avoid relationship pressures and expectations, allowing you to embrace your individuality fully. Take this time as an opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth. Remember that love comes in all kinds of forms, not just romantic relationships, so don’t hesitate to share love with friends and family while reveling in the joy of companionship beyond traditional romance.

For those who want to go out but are not in a romantic relationship, on February 17th, head out to Echo Spirits Distilling Co. for their IF YOU’RE STILL TOGETHER, a celebration of both romance and heartbreak, where they will be doing things like featuring custom Valentine- and anti-Valentine-themed cocktails and providing a Valentine’s card for you to give to someone you meet there. No reservations are required.

For the ladies who just want a GNO or maybe are getting out of a toxic relationship and looking to both grieve and celebrate it, THREADs is having their second annual Galentine’s Party on Thursday, February 15, from 6-8 pm, where they’ll be featuring the Sauce Boss Gang, engraving by Lovely Arrows Designs, and Tarot by Good Vibes Hive.

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider joining one of the many meetup groups or organized events geared towards singles on Valentine’s Day. From speed dating to themed parties, there’s something for everyone looking for a fun night out. For those who prefer a less-themed atmosphere, consider taking a friend to a comedy show at the Funny Bone or treat yourself to a cozy hot chocolate at a cafe you always wanted to try. 

In the end, just getting out will give you the opportunity to connect with others who are also looking to enjoy the holiday without being in a romantic relationship. Remember, Valentine’s Day isn’t about celebrating couples, it’s about celebrating love.

Group of young women blowing kisses at a Galentine’s Day party in Columbus Ohio. Spending time with friends in Columbus, Ohio, can help ease feeling alone on Valentine’s Day. If friendships and new connections aren’t enough and you’re looking for a therapist, search “therapist columbus ohio” today.


Regardless of relationship status, Valentine’s Day should honor love in all its forms—self-love included. So take this opportunity to be kind to yourself, whether treating yourself to that much-needed massage or indulging in a cozy evening with your favorite movie and a fancy carryout from The Pearl; remember to value yourself just as much as you do others during this heartfelt holiday.


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